Marco Antonio Bonfigli, architect and e interior designer,
manages a team of specialized professionals.

The study was founded in 2006 by Architect Marco Antonio Bonfigli graduated from the University of Genoa and always inspired by a great passion forbeauty in general and for the whole world of design. This is not the usual Architectural Firm, static, but, thanks to the external collaboration with several highly specialized professionals, it also offers an approach similar to the foreign architectural studies – where the project is managed in team and where Customer’s satisfaction is put in first place.
For this reason, no aspect is overlooked. Starting from the first meeting with the Customer; the relationship and the empathy arising during every work relationship are, indeed, the elements which make the real difference and turn a simple commission into a unique moment.
Therefore, we start from an in-depth analysis of the Customer’s needs up to the realization of a project able to fulfill them fully, passing through the coordination of the various figures involved with particular attention to the definition, cost control and timing programming.
Everything accompanied by the offer of several design solutions, all innovative and high quality, which represent the result of years of experience and continuous research and experimentation of always new materials and in line with today's trends.
Care, attention, passion and reliability are hence our added value. Creating a tailor-made project, exclusive, for each Customer is our aim and quality has always been our strong point.

Marco Antonio Bonfigli Architect Marco Antonio Bonfigli Architect